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This blog was created with the aim to write about my experiences in the field of physiotherapy and sports medicine.

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October 2020

Qatar – Recency Desert Camp

June 2020

Flatting the curve. Effect on 16 weeks Squat training and 8 weeks detraining. 1981 study

Journal club on Isometric training and long‐term adaptations: Effects of muscle length, intensity, and intent: A systematic review. Oranchuk et al. (2018)

Better reporting standards are needed to enhance the quality of hop testing in the setting of ACL return to sport decisions: a narrative review

May 2020

Early phase of ACL rehabilition

April 2020

what is plyometric training

March 2020

Fasting during Ramadan effect on performance

January 2020

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Cappodocia Ultra Trail 63km

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Faglig Fredagsbar – okklusion til rehabilitering og træning – billeder

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The running man – you peak when you’re 27 year.
Video analyse from ACL injuries.

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The elite athlete described above is likely to have “reactive tendinopathy”. This term refers to an acute overload of the tendon causing thickening and pain in the tendon. It is more common in the young athlete and is produced through increases in training load or commencement in training if previously sedentary. Imaging studies at this time show mild fusiform swelling. The proposed treatment is a period of relative rest and analgesia.


This involves a worsening of the tendon pathology with breakdown of the tendon matrix. The symptoms are likely to have been present for longer. It may be possible to see some hypoechoic areas or neovascularity within the tendon on ultrasound.


This stage generally occurs after the symptoms have been present for a prolonged period. It is more common in older athletes, like the recreational athlete described above. Tendon changes, including neovascularity and hypoechoic regions, are common during this stage. These patients are likely best treated with aggressive eccentric strengthening.



Is tendon pathology a continuum? A pathology model to explain the clinical presentation of load-induced tendinopathy.Cook J and Purdam C

British Journal of Sports Medicine 2009; 43; 409-416




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Physioblog by Andreas Bjerregaard

Physiotherapist, IOC Diploma In Sports Physical Therapy, Certified Mulligan Practitioner, FIFA 11+ instructor and much more.

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