supine straight leg raise:

pulsed hip flexor mobilization

lying knee to knee pull in

supine bridge exercise

1-leg supine bridge

Side lying clam (anklerne gerne tæt på balderne)

Quadriceps extension rotation

Back extension on roller

split stance hip swivel

kneeling glute mobilization

globlet squat

wall march ISO hold

Standing psoas holds

overhead lunge walk

Hip Airplane

wall ankle mobilization

rocking ankle mobilization

Side lying extension Rotation

Side lying internal – external rotation

Side lying cross body

Bowler squat

High knee Walk forward to lunge

Walking spiderman with hip

No Money Drill

Forearm Wall slide

Squat to stand

Reverse lunge w/posterolateral reach

Lying psoas march

X-band walk

Single leg RDL

Sleeper Reach

split stance broomstick pec mobilization

supine nod and lift

knee break ankle mobilizations

behind the neck band pull apart

Push up plus

bent over t-spine rotation

craddle walk

yoga push up

3 point extension rotation

reach roll and lift

Styrkeøvelser triceps

Diamond push up

Sumo Squat

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