Get yourself a New Year’s resolution, Join a 6 week yoga-course for beginners in Søernes Fysioterapi


Buy our tickets here: Søernes Fysioterapi eller Billetto

A six week yoga course based on classic hatha yoga, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of yoga.

Welcome to Søernes Physiotherapy Yoga Course. We will guide you through a six week yoga course for beginners. Every session is 90 minutes long, and will be taught in a pace well suited for all participants. Every week we’ll have a theme for the class, and during the six weeks we will especially focus on breath, mobility, balance, strength, body awareness, and how to implement the principles of yoga into your daily life.

Each class will be composed from three major components; A talk and introduction to the thematics of the class at hand, after which we will delve into the more physical aspects of that given day, and lastly we will wrap the day up with a guided relaxation and meditation to help release the last bit of stress.

The course is progressive, so each class will build upon what we have previously practiced. There will be offered modifications to each position, so that all participants will benefit from the course.

Victoria, our teacher

securedownloadMy first experience with Yoga was at my local gym in my home-town when I was a curious 16- year old.  My practice became more serious and dedicated when I moved to Bergen a few years later. Here I met some truly inspiring people, and I learned how important it was for me to implement the principles of yoga into my daily life. I love to share my enthusiasm with other people, and I am excited to share it with you.

See you in my Yoga-class.

  1. The course will be taught in English.

Yoga days; saturdays from 9.00 to 10.30

  • 31. januar
  • 7. februar
  • 14. februar
  • 21. februar
  • 28. februar
  • 7. marts.

Where: Søernes Fysioterapi, Kroghsgade 1, 2100 København Ø (mødes i Yogakroghen, kroghsgade 3)

Join us: Send an email to with our name, and you will soon after receive a confirmation. You are not final sign up before you have got a confirmation from us.


  • 6 yoga sessions: 429 kr. Early-Bird before 14. december 379 kr.


Mobile pay: 27646815

Bank: Nordea på, 2120 kontonr.: 0745697496

Du kan også følge med på facebook: 


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