Video analyse from ACL injuries.

Video analyse of ACL injuries

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ACL video analyse

Background Skærmbillede 2015-04-17 kl. 02.24.54ACL injuries usually occur in a non-contact situation during cutting and turning or when landing on one foot after a jump.

Intrinc factors:

  • Age, obesity, past injuries, fatique, gender.
  • Individual anatomy of the knee: stability, jointSkærmbillede 2015-04-17 kl. 02.24.19

Risk mechanism in football

  • No ball possession
  • Movement at high speed
  • Player in balance
  • Side cut
  • Foot strike
  • 25% hip flexion, 5% knee flexion.
  • excessive hip adduction
  • Slight knee valgus
  • Psychological factors: Nerveousness, fair aviodence, when playing, match experience, motivation, risk awareness.
  • Extrinsic factors: Footwear, Surface

In with circumstance those the injury occur?

  • “an player set up for a shot”
  • “the incident occurred when the player was pushed just as she was trying to pass the opponent in a maximal effort”
  • “the injury occurred as a result of a rapid sideways rotating his knee, while his foot remained firmly planted on the floor”
  • “the injury occurred as a result of large external valgus moment and external rotation moment in combination with a translatory shift of the tibia relative to the femur.Skærmbillede 2015-04-17 kl. 02.26.11

What are we looking for?

A) Pivot shift injury of the posterolateral tibial rim and meniscus

B) Hyperextension injury of the anterolateral tibial rim and meniscus

C) Reduction following pivot shift event of the anterolateral tibial rim and meniscus Michael Owen, World Cup 2006

  • Non-contact, pivot-shift

Falcao just before World Cup 2014

  • Tackling

Barcelona and Spain goalkeeper Victor Valdes just before World Cup 2014.

  • Hyperextension injury

Gattuso infortunio/injury vs. Catania

Lindsey Vonn, Gold winner in downhill race OL, 4x Super G-winner.

  • Movement at high speed

Skærmbillede 2015-04-17 kl. 09.42.05Read more about Azarenka injurie from Wimbeldon here.


Football Medicine and Strategies 2013, 2014 and 2015

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