Breating: Function, purpose, optimal?, benefits?

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Breating major function.

  1. Charges hemoglobin with O2
  2. Removes CO2
  3. preserves the acid-base relationship-pH

What are the purpose with breating

  • Inhalation allows the air through the airway, to the lungs for absorption of oxygen into the blood
  •  Exhalation allows the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and most importantly the brain
  • Exhalation removes waste products
  • Nasal respiration sinuses produces nitric oxide (NO)
  • Inhalation NO = ↑ oxygen efficiency
  •  ↑ blood oxygen by 18%
  •  Improves oxygen

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Sympathetic Vs Parasympathetic

Sympathetic dominance

↑ Breathing rate
↑ Bronchospasm
↑ Heart rate
↑ Blood pressure
↑ Blood flow to organs and muscles

Parasympathetic dominance

↓ Breathing rate
↓ Bronchial tension
↓ Heart rate
↓ Blood pressure
↑ Blood flow to organs and muscle

  • Skærmbillede 2015-08-17 kl. 00.36.16What optimal breathing  mechanicsEyes are level with the floor
  • Lips are together at rest, without strain
  • Nasal breathing is established in all body positions
  • Breathing is silent
  • Exhalation is longer than inhalation
  • Breathing is rhythmical
  • Neck and shoulder muscles are at rest

 Dysfunktionel åndedræt

  • Eyes are not level with the floor
  • Lips are apart during rest and movement
  • Mouth breathing is present
  • Breathing is noisy
  • Breathing is irregular, sighs, gasps, holding
  • Breathing requires neck or shoulder motion


  • Lowering of carbon dioxide in blood, causes ↑ in pH
  • Physiological changes in the MSK
  • Short term ↑ pH improves mm function
  • Long term = over-stimulation, fatigue, sensitisation
  • Smooth mms cells in collagen constrict when pH rises (Restini & Bendhack 2006)

Skærmbillede 2015-08-17 kl. 00.36.45

Breathing assessment

  • Timed breathing rate
  • Breath hold-test
  • Hi/Lo (scalenes)
  • First rib
  • Lateral rib expansion
  • Rib palpation

Benefits from optimal breathing?

  • Improved core stability & loco-motor function
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Release of stress & tension
  • Improved pain management
  • Enhanced physical performance
  • Increased energy & endurance
  • Improves respiratory health and function
  • Improves metabolism and digestion
  • Optimises full body function
  • Skærmbillede 2015-08-17 kl. 00.36.35

Spørgsskema om åndedræt.

Nijmegen Questionnaire

  • En score over 20 indikere hyperventilation
  • En score mellem 10 og 20 indikere en mild hyperventilation
  • Hvis scoren er under 10 dit åndedræt vil højst sandsynlig ikke forvalte dig nogen alvorlige sundhedsproblemer. Dog skal alle score over 0 give anledning til et tjek af åndedræt

Tjek dit åndedræt:


  1. Timed breathing rate (60 seconds)
  2. Breath hold test
  3. Hi/Lo
  4. First rib
  5. Lateal rib expension

Post breathing retraining:

  1. Timed breathing rate (60 seconds)
  2. Breath hold test
  3. Hi/Lo
  4. First rib
  5. Lateral rib expension

Note: pursed breating i forskellige positioner. LOIS-breating, Crocodule breating (dybevejrtrækning med arme over hovedet)

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