Alt om seneskader / Complete Collection on Tendons

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Alt om seneskader

1. “Mechanotherapy” and why it’s important for clinicians, with Karim Khan:

2. The continuum model of tendinopathy, with Jill Cook

3. Blog Tom Goom:
Blogpost Tendinopathy – the importance of staging and role of compression

4. Blog with Dr Peter Malliaras:

 5. The pathogenesis of tendinopathy and tendon healing, with Michael Kjaer

6. Jeremy Lewis’s podcast on rotator cuff tendinopathies

7. The brain and mind in chronic pain, with Lorimer Moseley

8. Tendinopathy In Tennis, Written by Neeru Jayanthi

9. Achilles tendon rupture: An international evidence-based approach to treatment and rehabilitation, Written by Jon Karlsson, Katarina Nilsson-Helander and Nicklas Olsson, Sweden

10. Studies, by Ebonie RioSkærmbillede 2015-11-15 kl. 23.34.57

BMJ article:

11. Lower Limb Tendinopathy exercises with physio Andreas Bjerregaard


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