Sports massage: A comprehensive review

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Sports massage: A comprehensive review

  • A Moraska, Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness; Sep 2005.

This article will review sports massage research on topics including lactate clearance, delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS), muscle fatigue, the psychological effect of massage, and injury prevention and treatment.

The limitation on massage studies are that they felt with methodological deficiencies including number of subjects, therapist training level, the duration of massage.


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Muscle soreness associated with DOMS is reduced with massage, although whether force recovers more quickly is still unclear. The research literature to date is insufficient to conclude whether massage facilitates recovery from a fatiguing effort.

Both tissue healing and a psychological effect of massage are areas that may prove promising with further research.

The current state of sports massage research indicates a potential for therapeutic benefits to the athletes and apositive trend for massage to benefit athletic recovery and performance, but better control studies are need to be conducted.

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