Based on

Effect of Neuromuscular Warm-up on Injuries in Female Soccer and Basketball Athletes in Urban Public High SchoolsCluster Randomized Controlled Trial FREE


Jog/walk around the field

Dynamic motion




Side shuffle with arm swing

Sprint at 75% maximum

High-knee skipping

Sprint at 100% maximum

Backward jog

Bear crawl

Butt kickers

Backward jog half-length, turn and sprint

Trunk rotations (10 in each direction)

Leg swings – Front-to-back (10 reps/leg) – Side-to-side (10 reps/leg)

Strengthening exercises

Heel raises


Plank and side plank


Lunges – forward

Walking lunge – forward, lateral

Prone lifts


( Ankle bounces (timed)

Tuck jumps (timed)

Jump in place, rotating 180°

1 Squat jumps (timed)

Broad jumps – hold landing (5 reps)

1 Jump over 3-inch cones (timed): Front-to-back – Side-to-side

Bounding in place

Scissor jumps (timed)

side-to-side bounding (timed)

Single leg hop, hop, stick landing (5 reps/leg)

vertical jump (reps)

Single leg jump for distance

Agility runs

Shuttle run

Between 2 rows of 5 cones; rows 50 ft apart – Sprint to cone, backward jog to next cone (10 reps)

Diagonal run: Between 2 rows of 5 cones; rows 50 ft apart – Sprint to cone, turn, sprint to next cone (10 reps)

Lateral shuffle: Between 2 rows of 5 cones; rows 15 ft apart – Side shuffle from cone to cone (10 reps)