The world longest exercise list

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Achilles progression programme

Achilles rolling

Askling protocol for hamstring

ankle mobility

Ankles & knee warm up drills with theraband

Backward lunge + knee lift 

Barbell Press

Balance exercise level 1:  Link 2

Bosu shoulder stability prone side-to-side & back-to-forward tilt 3step 

BOSU single leg balance 

BOSU dynamic balance with visuel tracking 

Deadlift:Trap bar deadlift  

Deadlift with KB

Deadlift Romanian deadlift

Dragon Pose

Dumbbell bench row

Dumbbell standing row

Dumbbell power and clean

EARTHQUAKE bench press 

Heavy Band, theraband or elastic band: Band rotation corkscrew (Shoulder)

Heavy Band, theraband or elastic band: Band Squat, reverse band squat, lateral alternative band squat

Heavy Band, theraband or elastic band: Terminal Knee extension exercise

Heavy Band, theraband or elastic band: Shoulder stability band windmills 

Heavy Band foot waves: Foot flexion waves

Heavy Band ankle mobility clockwise and reverse clockwise

Heavy Band ankle mobility rotation

Balance exercise Z-health

Bulgarian squat

Bulgarian squat with a single leg jump

Czech Get Up neuromuscular stabilization DNS 

Elbow exercises

Frog pose / groin stretch 

Groin exercises

Hip bridge / front bridge / Hip lift

Knee warm-up

kettlebell standing row

Kettlebell jerk

Kettlebell power and clean

Lizard Pose

Lunges: Backward lunge 

Lunges: Forward & backward lunge combo 

Lunges: Pulse lunges 

Mobility passive stretch lizard pose, dragon pose, frog pose, pigeon pose, groin stretch, squat rutine, twisted cross.

nakke joint position sense med laser

Pigeon pose / ischias / iskias stretch / stræk 

Plank: Plank with a under cross kick 

Plank: Plank with a hip tilt

Plank: Rotation plank hip tilt 

Plank: Rotation Side plank with a ipsilateral flexion lift 

Plank: Rotation Side plank with a leg lift 

Plank: Side plank with a leg lift 

Plank: Upper Iron cross plank 

Plank: Upper and lower Iron cross plank 

Plank: Plank with a backward kick 

Plank: Plank with a reach 

Plank: BW-Table turn

Poppy dog pose / shoulder / thorax passive stretch 

Push up: Archer push up

Push up: Diamond push up

Push Up: Elevated push up

Push Up: Hindu push up

Push up: Plank push up

Push up: Spiderman push up

Push up: Russian push up

Push up: Wide push up

Push up: Push up variations.

Push up med ringe

Running strength training with KB 1

Running strength Training with KB 2

Sit up: criss cross Sit ups 

Sit up: V-sit up

Sit up: Atomic sit ups

Sit up: bw-stretched-sit-up

Sit up: Sit Up

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 1.

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 2.

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 3.

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 4.

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 5

Shoulder exercise -warm up drill 6

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 7

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 8

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 9

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 10.

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 11

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 12 Wall slide

Shoulder exercise – warm up drill 13: external rotation with theraband

Shoulder exercise warm up drill 14

Shoulder exercise warm up drill 15

Shoulder exercise – Cool down pectoral stretch Foam roller

Split jump from at box

Stiffness training for lower limb

Squat: Single legged squat with sideways hip abduction

Squat: Combo single legged squat jump with sideways hip abduction 

Squat: Air Squat

Squat: Static close squat

Squat: Air close squat 

Squat: static close wall squat

Squat: Air static squat 

Squat: Static Sumo Squat

Squat: Air sumo squat 

Squat: Static Sumo wall squat

Squat: Fisherman Squat

Squat: Rutine

Squat: Low barbell

Squat med kettlebells

Streching programme full body: 

Sume deadlift with KB

The watch – handwalking

Thigh Stretch

Thorax movement 1

Thorax movement 2

Thorax movement 3

Thorax movement / serratus Anterior 1.1

Thorax movement / serratus anterior 1.2


Tuck jump

tuck squat jump

Twisted cross 


VOR: eye switch

VOR: the big H

VOR: Vestibulare ocular reflex (VOR) eye isometric

Wall slide with Theraband

Wrist exercises

Yoga: Sun salutation


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