Better communication = higher training attendence

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Et godt samarbejde kan forebygger skader.

Preventing injuries in professional football: thinking bigger and working together, Br J Sports Med doi:10.1136/bjsports-2016

Avoiding injuries ensures high player availability and allows coaches to have the most complete squad possible.

The unavailability of players to compete in matches due to
injury averages 14% (varies between 5% and 20%).

Top players are expensive to sign (transfer fees) and they have large salaries. It has been estimated that an injured player in the starting 11 of a UEFA CL-team will cost the club around €500 000 to €600 000 a month or around between €17 000 and €20 000 a day.

Since the average number of absence days in a UEFA CL-team with a squad of 25–28 players is around 1100 days a season, the average cost to the club due to injuries is around €20 million a season.

When UEFA ask the top-clinicians “What are the most important
factors in preventing injuries in elite level football?’, the most common answers are load on players, internal communication, leadership styles of coaches and the wellbeing of players. These answers are surprising and indicate that the health situation in a professional football club could be quite similar to any general workplace environment…/2016/04/27/bjsports-2016-096333.short…

Andreas Bjerregaard
Søernes Fysioterapi

– Postgraduate diplomstuderende, Sports Physical therapies, International Olympic Committee
– FIFA 11+ instruktør, Medical Assessment and Research Centre

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