A. Jog line to line (cone to cone): Time: 1 minute

B. Shuttle Run (side to side) Time: 1 minute

C. Backward Running Time: 1 minutes

D. Walking Lunges: Time 1 minutes

E. Nordic Hamstring 5-10 gentagelser

F. Single Toe Raises (1 minute)

G. Lateral Hops over Cone (30 seconds)

H. Forward/Backward Hops over cone (30 sec)

I. Single Leg hops over cone (30 seconds)

J. Vertical Jumps with headers (30 seconds)

K. Scissors Jump (30 seconds)

L. Forward run with 3 step deceleration

M. Lateral Diagonal runs (3 passes)

N. Bounding run

Section: Stretching

A. Calf!stretch (30 seconds x 2 reps)

B. Quadricep stretch (30 seconds x 2 reps)

C. Hamstring stretch (30 sec x 2 reps)

D. Inner Thigh Stretch (20 sec x 3 reps)

E. Hip Flexor Stretch (30 sec x 2 reps)


The Santa Monica Sports Medicine Research Foundation The PEP Program: Prevent injury and Enhance Performance