Integrated Mobility

These exercises are inspired by Christopher Sommer from his

Practical Training time and repetitions

Train only one exercise at a time and complete the different step before moving on to next exercise. Try not to skip because the exercise is stick together.

Warming Up

Warmup with two to three sets of exercises which you have already mastered with 5-15 reps. Do not spend exorbitant amounts of time and effort warming up for your day’s. 5 minutes is plenty.”

Key words

Key: FL = Front Lever; sPL = straddle Planche; HBP = Hollow Back Press;
RC = Rope Climb; Mn = Manna; SL = Side Lever; SLS = Single Leg Squat:

Exercises –> program see below

FL = Front Lever

  • FL1 (Bent Hollow Body Hold)
  • FL2 (Bent Hollow Body Rock)
  • FL3 (Straddle Hollow Body Hold)
  • FL4 (Straddle Hollow Body Rock)
  • FL5 (Hollow Body Hold)
  • FL6 (Hollow Body Rock)

sPL = straddle Planche

Side Lever


Single leg Squat 1

Hollow Back Press

Rope Climb

6 weeks Program

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