Hamstring rehabilitation gym session

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This Hamstring Rehabilitation video has found it’s inspiration in “Hamstring rehab for football players (Mendiguchía et al. 2017)”

and Mendiguachia study ‘A multifactorial, individualized, criteria-based progressive algorithm for hamstring injury treatment’ from March 2017

The exercise in this training video has try to follow the principles of the progressive algorithm, presented by the study (and the following video material).

In addition, have I tried to implementing the exercise algoritme into my own clinic-sitting, to see what fit’s into my facilities and my teaching style.

If I have to be self-critical about this approach, it’s that the functional phase can be misleading due to there no sports specific transfer in the exercises. However what is a functional exercise?

Overall, the algoritme provide a structured based approach, and I like the criteria-based progression of exercise as well as the title of study begins with “Multifactorial” – this make the programme bulletproof.

Elements of Mendiguchia programme consist of:
➡️Flexibility and neural mobilisering
➡️Glute Strength
➡️Hamstring strength
➡️Core stabilitet (Lumbopelvic control)
➡️Return to running technique
➡️Ballistisk stretching
➡️ Functional phase
➡️Plyometric phase
➡️Hamstring lengthening exercise
➡️Reaktiv strength training

⬛️Mendiguchia will also visit the Danish Sportskongres where he will have a workshop about ‘Rehabilitation after acute hamstring muscle injury – a practical approach’.

Other important hamstring programs

The Askling L Protocol for Hamstring Strains:

Aspetar protocol:

Skærmbillede 2017-12-02 kl. 18.53.19.png



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