Rehabilitation: Common Problems and Solutions (april 2018) 5) Wilk, K.E., and A.Arrigo

Nice new clinical commentary from Kevin Wilk and Christopher Arrigo on Rehabilitation: Common Problems and Solutions (april 2018) 5) Wilk, K.E., and A.Arrigo, Rehabilitation: Common Problems and Solutions, 2018, Clinics in Sports Medicine Volume 37, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 363-374

Milestones for Range Of Motion after Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

– passive knee extension immediately after ACL surgery.
– Week 1: 90 degree
– Week 2: 105 degree
– Week 3-4: 125/130 degree
– Week 5-6: 135-140 degree
– Week 6-12: Full flexion or heel to gluteal muscle
– Restoring knee flexion reduces the incidence of anterior knee pain.

First 7 postoperative days approach for prevent complications
1. Reduction of swelling and pain via the use of ice, compression, laser therapy, elevation, and gentle motion
2. Restoration of full knee extension using an extension overpressure program in combination with patellar and tibiofemoral mobilization
3. Restoration of knee flexion through a gradual program of passive knee flexion exercises
4. Restoration of quadriceps activation using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to the quadriceps muscle group during exercise
5. Improved neuromuscular control of the lower kinetic chain via balance drills
6. Restoration of a moderate level of functional activity by the use of gait training, ambulation, and balance drills

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