Single leg rise test or single leg squat off a chair.

From the The good physio Facebook page 29. september 2019

👉 A gem I picked up at ACL course is the importance of having solid strength and stability after a reconstruction.
👉 One of the many ways you can test that is through the single leg rise test or single leg squat off a chair.
👉 How the studied performed the test was simple.
1️⃣ Have the knee at 90 degrees flexion in sitting
2️⃣ Perform max amount of 1 leg rises at a controlled speed
3️⃣ The lifted knee was held straight and arms were hanging along body
4️⃣ Controlled speed meant sitting phase was performed at constant speed and upward phase was to be done without additional arm or trunk movement
👉 22 seems like the magic number however I would try go for as many as you can!
👉 Your ACLR is a lifetime commitment. So commit to your rehab!
Culvenor, A.G., Collins, N.J., Guermazi, A., Cook, J.L., Vicenzino, B., Whitehead, T.S., Morris, H.G. and Crossley, K.M., 2016. Early patellofemoral osteoarthritis features one year after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: symptoms and quality of life at three years. Arthritis care & research, 68(6), pp.784-792.

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