DASH: provides excellent test-retest reliability, good internally consistency and can be considered a valid measure of physical disability and symptoms (haldorsen et al 2014, Huang et al 2015)

WORC: Most reponsive questionnaires for individuals suffering from RC disorders (pierre et al 2016, Huang et al 2015)

SPADI: Is a valid measure to assess pain and disability in patients reporting shoulder pain due to musculoskeletal pathology (Mc Dermit et al 2006, Sahinoglu 2019)

NRS: Has good sensitivity realiability and validity when used also with children and adolecents (karzioglue et al 2018, Castarlenas et al 2017)

PSFS: Supports the reliability validity and responsiveness of the PSFS in patients with a primary shoulder compliant (koehorst et al 2014)

HHD: Proved ti be a reliable tool for evaluation and measurements of medial and lateral rotator strength of the shoulder, caution that ratios vary based in on sport involvement (Riemann et al 2010, Johansson et al 2015)