Effect of prehabilitation on the outcome of anterior cruciate ligament rekonstruction

Shaarani et al 2013 reported that a 6 weeks progressive pre-operative rehabilitation for subjects undergoing ACLR led to better single legged hop test and total modified cincinnati scores (a subjective self reported questionnaire asessing symptoms and activity level) at 12 weeks post operatively compared to a group of ACLR subjects whi did not perform pre-rehabilitation. The pre-operative rehabilitation program consisted of 2 supervised gyms session and 2 supercised home sessions per week. The post operative program was stardard for both groups.

Conclusion: The 6-week progressive prehabilitation program for subjects undergoing ACLR led to improved knee function based on the single-legged hop test and self-reported assessment using the modified Cincinnati score. These effects were sustained at 12 weeks postoperatively. This study supports prehabilitation as a consideration for patients awaiting ACLR; however, further studies are warranted.

Shaarani, S. R., O’Hare, C., Quinn, A., Moyna, N., Moran, R., & O’Byrne, J. M. (2013). Effect of Prehabilitation on the Outcome of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 41(9), 2117–2127. doi:10.1177/0363546513493594

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